Bullying will not be accepted or condoned within Richard’s Trampoline Club.  Members, parents, coaches, judges and officials all must work together to stop bullying.  All forms of bullying will be addressed.

The club will ensure that everyone involved within the club, adheres to the following principles: 

·                    Respect for everyone’s need to learn in an environment where safety, security, praise, recognition and opportunity for taking responsibility. 

·                    Respect every individual’s feelings and views. 

·                    Recognise that everyone is important, and that our differences make each of us special. 

·                    Show appreciation of others by acknowledging individual qualities, contributions and progress. 

·                    Anyone reporting an incident of bullying will be listened to carefully, and will be supported. 

·                    Anyone being bullied will be supported, and assistance given, to uphold their right to learn and develop in a safe environment which allows them to reach their potential. 

·                    Bullying can include – Physical pushing, kicking, hitting, pinching, name calling, sarcasm, spreading rumours, persistant teasing and emotional torment through ridicule, humiliation, continual ignoring of individuals, racial taunts, graffiti, gestures, sexual comments and unwanted physical contact.  None of this behaviour will be tolerated within the club.

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