Coach Fact Files

- Jo -

Important Stuff  

Name Jo Wardle
Position in Club Coach, Judge and Grant application writer
Coaching Level Level 2 (for as long as I can hold Kyrstin off putting me in for a Level 3!)
How long have you been coaching 2 years
Favourite trampoline move Too many to choose from.... Swivel hips
Least favourite move Crash dive (the fear increases as you get older!)
Why did you take up trampolining I can't remember (I was 4!), but probably to get Tony off my back
How can you be bribed Chocolate or money
Birthday 4 January

Other Stuff

Do you have any pets a very demanding cat
Favourite subject at school Languages (sorry not following the standard PE answer)
What did you want to be when you grew up Teacher (I was close!)
First job Production line at a factory
Favourite colour Purple
What do you eat most Food
What do you drink most Juice
Favourite song Most things Christmassy
What do you do in your free time I'm not sure I know what this is?
Proudest achievement Completing my Masters and getting an actual job
Most embarrassing moment Oh there are so many based on drunk times at uni!