Coach Fact Files

- Aibhne -

Important Stuff  

Name Aibhne (it's not hard, Eve-knee!!!!)
Position in Club Coach 
Coaching Level Level 1 (soon to be level 2!!!!!)
How long have you been coaching 1 year
Favourite trampoline move Talking to Beth
Least favourite move Getting on the trampoline
Why did you take up trampolining I realised there was something missing in my life...
How can you be bribed Just ask me nicely, as I'm very kind
Birthday 6 September

Other Stuff

Do you have any pets Just a Danny
Favourite subject at school PE
What did you want to be when you grew up A trampoline coach (obviously!?!)
First job Boing boing
Favourite colour PINK!!!
What do you eat most Danny's food
What do you drink most Danny's drink
Favourite song every song there is
What do you do in your free time trampoline!!!
Proudest achievement Passing my level 1 trampoline coaching course
Most embarrassing moment Way too many....