Coach Fact Files

- Sarah -

Important Stuff  

Name Sarah Moxon
Position in Club Coach
Coaching Level Coach
How long have you been coaching 1 year at Letchworth and 2 years at university
Favourite trampoline move Tuck back to seat
Least favourite move Pike Back / Pike Barani
Why did you take up trampolining Started at school and just loved it!
How can you be bribed Money, money, money!
Birthday 30 November 

Other Stuff

Do you have any pets Yes, black labrador named Barkley
Favourite subject at school PE
What did you want to be when you grew up An Astronaut (Really!!)
First job Life Guard
Favourite colour Black / White
What do you eat most Potatoes and Cheese
What do you drink most Wine
Favourite song 'Better Together' by Jack Johnson
What do you do in your free time Go to the gym, walk my dog
Proudest achievement Graduating university with a degree in Chemistry
Most embarrassing moment Falling off a trampoline on my first session at Nottingham uni, I never went back!

I just love the beach!!!!