The weekend of 25 and 26 April saw Richard’s Trampoline club attend the National Gala weekend in Cardiff, Wales.  The club sent two performers, with high performance coach, Pat Dodson looking after them.

On Saturday Lauren Doherty competed at National C level.  She has progressed throughout the year at every competition she’s attended, and today was no exception.  She began with a good set routine, which achieved some good form marks.  Her voluntary routine showed her improvement, using her highest difficulty so far this year.  She handled it extremely well, and managed to maintain her form throughout the routine.  This placed her in 23rd within a group of over 60, but more importantly she qualified for the National Championships in the summer.  

On Sunday Lauren Doherty competed again, but this time with Lisa Withey doing synchro.  This is where two people perform the same routine, at the same time, and they get marked separately on form and for their synchronisation.   This was their first time competing at this event, and they did extremely well.  They completed their set routines, but it lacked in form.  However they improved upon this for their voluntary routine, and with good synchronisation marks in both routines they finished in 14th place overall.  So a very good start at synchro for them both.

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