Sunday 19 April was a charity open competition at Brentwood, Essex.  This was to raise funds for Georgia's Teenage Cancer Appeal (GTCA); so all money raised on the day went to this cause.  Without the pressures of a grading competition, many performers used today to try out new, harder routines.

At National C level, Lauren Doherty was using today as practise for her National competition the following week in Cardiff.  She started off well with a good set routine, but unfortunately suffered a large amount of travel in her voluntary routine.  This left her down in 12th place, but hopefully she will have learnt from her mistake and will do better next weekend!

At Regional D Lizzie Mercer completed both of her routines well.  She’s been working on holding her lineouts for longer, as this will improve her marks, she finished in 10th place.  Laura Burns competed at this level for the first time today, and she made the transition extremely well.  She started well with her set routine, but her voluntary had some travel in it.  This left her in 12th place, but she should be proud of herself today having reached this level after only a year of trampolining.

At Regional E Levi Rimmer had minimal preparation for today.  She took it in her stride though and performed some good routines, lacking slightly in difficulty and height she finished in 10th place.

At Regional F Sam Andrews had a great day.  This was her first time at this level, since returning to trampolining after a 10-year break!  She completed some good routines to finish in 2nd place.  Her group was extremely close, with just 0.2 separating 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Tate Henocq competed at this level today, despite not being qualified for it yet, something that has been eluding her.  She demonstrated her readiness by completing some lovely routines; the only thing she lacked was some height.  She finished in 7th place and hopefully she’ll qualify at the next grading to compete at this level.

Finally Francesca Jones competed at Regional G; this is only her second trampoline competition.  She finished in 8th place, but will be looking to improve upon this next time.


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