Sunday 1 April 2007 saw Richardís Trampoline Club travel down to Brentwood for the Eastern regional Grading competition.  This is where a required score is needed to enable the performer to progress onto the next grade.

At Grade 4 Sophie Perks was in a difficult group, with the standard being extremely high.  However this didnít deter her and she completed an excellent set routine.  Keeping her cool she made it through her voluntary also, just slightly rushing one of her somersaults.  She finished in 10th place, however this didnít bother her as she achieved the all-important qualifying score to move her up to Grade 3.

Also at Grade 4 was Jo Collins, she did some excellent routines during her warm-ups.  However when she competed a couple of her somersaults didnít go very high, and this affected her form marks.  But she did enough to finish in 3rd place.

At Grade 3 Paige Maranian showed fantastic improvement since her last grading competition in January.  However there was a bit of a leotard dilemma, with a choice of 6 different leotards that she brought with her.  After her warm-up she decided she didnít like the leotard she was wearing, so went to change leaving her coach-having kittens, as she was seconds away from being called to compete.  Only to re-appear just in time wearing a brand new leotard! 

Natasha Rastogi also competing at Grade 3, suffered with lack of preparation for today.  She showed some excellent form in her routines, but also a great deal of travel that affected her marks.  Finishing down in 8th place, she knows with the right preparation it would have been a very different story today, being an experienced national level performer.

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