Richard’s Trampoline Club attended the Eastern regional Grading competition in Brentwood for the start of the competitive season.  The club had a team of 6 performers, some of which were attempting to qualify to move up a grade.

To start the morning off and his first competition at the Regional F grade, Dan Willis was the first up to be judged putting a lot of pressure on him to ‘set the standard’ for the club. Dan handled the pressure well and he kept in the center of the trampoline during his routine with some great lineouts in his somersaults.  Dan set a very high standard for the rest of the very large group to compete against. When Dan came to his Voluntary routine, he cast a small amount on the first somersault, but before it was even noticeable, during the next move he took it back to the centre of the trampoline to continue on, and finished the routine to receive some good scores from the judges.

Competing against Dan, Kasey Kilday was back from a long break from the sport due to other commitments, his last competition being almost two years ago. But missing his 2nd home he returned to Richard’s trampoline club to continue his training. Whether it was nerves or lack of experience he couldn’t get through a single warm-up routine only completing 3 or 4 moves before having to stop.  Determined to make his coach proud, he really stepped up when it came to the crucial moment making it through the routine and also receiving some very good scores of 8/10. Currently holding first place, and about to perform a voluntary routine, (learnt on the journey to the competition) he got through it but with a bit of travel, although with quick thinking he pulled it back in to the centre of the trampoline to finish the routine.
After a frantic wait for the scores, Kasey finished in first place, and Dan in second. They both qualified to move up to regional E but Kasey just missed out on double qualification by 0.5!

Jo Collins was next up, and our only competitor in the regional D grade.  Unfortunately having a lot of other commitments she had only been able to train on some very few occasions.  Deliberating whether she should compete today, after a good training session a couple of days before the competition she was determined to do her best.  She suffered some travel around the trampoline during her set routine, but this did not stop her completing the routine.  During the voluntary routine she was unable to complete a move, but with some quick thinking, she cleverly amended the routine by substituting the move and then altered the end of her routine.  This kept her routine within the required 10 moves, so the judges were non-the wiser, other than her coach panicking by the side of the trampoline!  It is very difficult to adapt your routine like this, so this demonstrates Jo’s experience.  She was very unlucky to miss out on a medal as she finished in 4th place by just half a mark!

Ella Hemmings was next up and competing at Regional G.  This was an extremely large group with over 35 people, split into 3 flights.  Ella was trying out a brand new routine and she handled this well showing improved height and control.  She did well to finish in the top 20, which is a great achievement.  With more experience of competing her new routine she will improve further still.

Faye Harper was also competing at Regional G and like Ella she was also in a very large group.  This was Faye’s first competition with the club after a very long break.  Her set routine went well and she maintained a good height throughout the routine.  Unfortunately she was only able to complete 8 moves in her voluntary routine, this being very unlike Faye as she is usually very consistent and always finishes her routines.  Although she still managed to finish in 10th place which considering a group so large is a great achievement.

Last but not least, Tate Henocq was competing at Regional E for the first time.  Not only this, but she was also competing in a new age group meaning she was one of the youngest performers in her group.  The standard in Tate’s group was exceptionally high, making Tate’s job even harder.  However this did not deter Tate as she performed all her routines well, and she had one of the highest difficulty levels within the group.  These are the hardest routines Tate has performed yet in competition and she handled the transition very well.  She secured herself 6th place and she will no doubt improve upon this in the very near future.


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