On Sunday 26 March 2006, members of Richardís Trampoline Club entered the regional grading competition in Brentwood.  Here performers need to gain enough marks to enable them to progress up to the next level.

At Grade 3 Nicky Ledwold suffered with some travel during his compulsory set routine, so didnít get off to a good start.  He came back with an excellent voluntary routine, something that eluded him a couple of weeks ago in Ipswich.  He was very pleased to finish in 2nd place.  Danny Fair was also successful putting in some stunning routines, his confidence showed in the final as he upped the difficultly in his routine.  So there was no surprise when he won 1st place.

With even more success at Grade 4, Michael Sheff demonstrated his ability with some excellent routines.  Despite only minimal training due to various reasons he easily took 1st place in a difficult group where the standard was very high.  Tom Stead was another to do extremely well, despite nearly missing his warm-ups due to the competition running early.  He did a superb compulsory set routine, however in the voluntary a mistake forced him to reduce the difficulty level.  None the less, despite also a computer error, he still managed to finish in 1st place.  Neil Palmer also did well to finish in 1st place, showing good consistency in both routines.  Heíll be looking to increase his difficulty level now during his voluntary routine.  Emma Ramsey showed good form during both routines, this rewarded her with 2nd place in a very difficult group.  And finally Lorna Kyan narrowly missed out on a medal in 4th place.  A bit of lean during her voluntary routine caused her to reduce the difficulty level, otherwise she could have been looking at a medal.

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