Sunday 31 May 2009 saw Richard’s Trampoline Club attending the Eastern regional Grading competition in Brentwood.  Despite there being glorious sunshine outside, and exam time for many, a team of 8 performers competed today.  Being a grading competition this meant if anyone scored high enough, then they could qualify up to the next grade.

At Regional G Tate Henocq was really hoping to qualify for the next level today, something that seems to be eluding her.  She’s worked really hard on her routines, and it paid off as she performed both routines flawlessly, and she qualified easily for the next grade.  She also won her group by a large margin.  Rebecca Shepherd has been struggling with the end of one of her routines, so her goal was to complete her routine.  Despite many problems during warm-up, she got it right when it mattered.  She finished in 11th place.

At Regional F Sam Andrews has only recently moved up to this grade, she made the transition easily and completed some good routines.  She easily finished 1st and qualified to move up to the next grade.  Clare Kiss, who also has only recently moved up to this level, did some good routines also.  She just needs to work on her form a little more.  Clare just missed out on a medal in 4th place.

With just one performer at Regional E, Hannah Rayfield made an excellent start with her set routine, which left her in 2nd place.  A slight error during her voluntary routine affected her marks, but she still made it through to the final.  She improved in her final routine, and finished 3rd overall, a great effort though as this is her first grading at this level.

At Regional D Laura Burns has also only just recently moved up to this level.  She started with a good set and voluntary routine, which left her in 4th place, however with some travel during the final routine this saw her finish in 5th place overall.  Lizzie Mercer made a good start in her set routine, but she missed a move out of her voluntary routine that brings a large deduction, so she finished in 9th place.  Roseannamay Cannon also made a mistake during her voluntary routine, which left her in 10th place.


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