Sunday 3 April 2005 saw a team of 7 people from Richardís trampoline club, representing the club at the Brentwood regional grading competition.  Being a graded competition means that if the qualification score is achieved during the first 2 rounds, then this permits the trampolinist to progress onto the next grade.

All of our Grade 3 trampolinists completed some excellent routines.  Lee Meakin did exceptionally well during his set routine scoring a total of 24.3, his personal best at this grade.  However he felt the pressure during his voluntary routine and this affected his form marks.  He missed qualification by just 0.5, but he took 1st place by a comfortable margin.  Elliot Stratton managed to control his nerves and performed 3 good routines with minimal travel.  Scoring a total of 53.1 after the first 2 rounds he qualified easily for Grade 2, which was his personal aim, and finished in 3rd place.  Kasey Kilday did very well, as this is his first competition at Grade 3, and with a new voluntary routine.  Scoring a total of 50.1 after the first 2 rounds he didnít quite make qualification, but he finished in a well-earned 3rd place.  Finally Danny Fair at Grade 3 narrowly missed out on a medal, during his voluntary routine there was a lot of travel on his fourth move, which he was not able to recover from.  However he made up for this in the final with some excellent form marks to take 4th place.

At Grade 4 the success continued.  Nicky Ledwold completed both his routines, but he came very close to the frame pads each time and this reflected in his marks.  He was unable to make the qualifying mark, but heíd done enough to finish in 1st place.  Neil Palmer showed lots of improvement with his form and finished in 3rd place.  Whilst Lorna Kyan did very well in a tough group, she maintained her consistency during each routine to finish in 7th place.

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