Richardís Trampoline Club attended the Eastern regional Grading competition in Brentwood for the start of the competitive season.  The club had a team of 4 performers, some of which were attempting to qualify to move up a grade.

To start the day off Lucy Swinburne was competing at Regional D grade, which is the last regional level before Nationals.  This was Lucyís first competition representing Richardís, having recently joined us from Sprung Loaded.  Lucy only did a couple of routines during the warm-up, and this worked well for her as she produced some great routines.  Previously she struggled with one of the somersaults in her compulsory set routine, but everything worked well today.  Lucy finished in a well-deserved 2nd place and she scored enough to qualify for National C, however as she didnít win her category so her qualification mark doesnít stand. 

Dan Willis was next up competing at Regional E grade.  This is only his second competition at this grade, and his progress is evident.  It was a large group and he had one of the highest tariffs.  Danís routines are coming along well, they just need a little more work to gain the consistency and neatness required.  He finished in 7th place overall, and he will easily improve upon this when heís ready to qualify.

Next up was Jo Wardle competing at Regional G grade.  At the last competition Jo was very close to qualifying for the next grade, and she seemed to feel the pressure today.  During her compulsory set routine she over-rotated her final somersault, and this affected her scores.  Her voluntary routine was much better, but unfortunately the damage had already been done and she finished in 8th place overall.  

Finally Jacob Tuck competed at Regional G grade.  This is his second trampoline competition, and he was aiming to qualify for the next grade.  He made an uncharacteristic mistake at the end of his compulsory set routine, which affected his marks.  Determined to do his best he performed a flawless voluntary routine, and he finished the 2nd round in 1st place by nearly a whole mark!  Overall he just missed out on a medal in 4th place, but he had done enough to earn the all important qualifying mark.


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