The Brentwood Open competition is the first competition of the season since the summer break.  For many it was a warm up for either regionals or nationals later in the month.  Whilst for others it was their first ever competition.

At Grade 6 Catriona Hayes was competing for her first time ever, having only just joined the club literally a few weeks ago.  However she successfully completed both her routines with ease.  Iona Hayes also did well despite not being well on the day, she’ll be looking at improving upon today for next time.

At Grade 5 Scott Crowhurst was trying a new, harder routine.  He got through it well but will be looking to improve his form marks for next time.  Levi Rimmer competed for her first time today.  She did very well with 2 neat routines, she narrowly missed out on a medal in 4th place. 

At Grade 3 Paige Maranian showed good improvement here, looking much more confident with her routine now.  Sophie Perks lost a lot of her form over the summer but just getting back on track for today.  She finished in 6th place.  Lizzie Mercer had an excellent day here, showing a massive improvement in her form with the lineouts being held longer.  She finished in 5th place within a very close group with just tenths of a mark separating everyone!

At Grade 2 Lauren Doherty produced some excellent routines.  Using a new higher difficulty and she handled this well without this affecting her form marks.  Her hard work earned her 3rd place, and the score she wants when she competes at nationals.

At Grade 1 Charlie Mussino just couldn’t get it right in his warm ups.  But he pulled it together when it mattered.  Just one somersault that was rushed and lacked power, but overall was ok.  He finished in 5th place.  Nick Ledwold competed a new harder voluntary routine, and successfully completed it.  So he should be very pleased with his 4th place as he was also using next year’s age group routine.  Elliot Stratton competed for his first time since recovering from injury and returning from being in Australia for a year.  He was using a low difficulty routine for him as he’s looking for good form marks.  He finished in 2nd place.


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