The Brentwood Open competition is the first competition of the season since the summer break.  Itís used by most as a warm up for the regional grading next month.  But this time we had most people either competing for the first time with the club, or gaining further competition experience.

At regional D Lizzie Mercer was trying out some new routines for using at the grading next month.  She has been concentrating on improving her form marks.  Overall her routines worked really well, unfortunately an extra bounce at the end of her set routine lost her some crucial marks and she finished in 10th place overall.  But she should improve upon this at the grading next month.

At regional G Morgan Gregory was competing today for the first time since joining the club.  He had a little trouble remember the routines, and missed a move out of his voluntary routine.  Fortunately he realised this and added it in at the end of the routine, so this didnít affect his scores.  Finishing in 4th place, he narrowly missed out on a medal.  Amy Hall did some lovely routines; she just needs to gain some extra height in her bouncing to further improve her marks.  She finished in 6th place.  Hattie Fields was very nervous about today, as this is only her second time competing.  Despite this she got through both her routines, and when she relaxes more her marks will no doubt improve.  She finished in 9th place.  Becca Shepherd did some fantastic routines during her warm-ups, but typically when it mattered it didnít go according to plan.  The back landing was rushed so this left her unbalanced for the somersault at the end of the routine, however her voluntary routine went much better and she gained some really good marks.  But due to the damage done in her first routine, she finished in 9th place overall.

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