The Brentwood Open competition is the first competition of the season since the summer break.  Usually it’s a warm up for either regionals or nationals later in the month.  But this time it was also the first competition using the new competition structure.  Everyone was using new routines and new age groups, based on Balyi’s Long-term development plan (LTAD).  Which aims to remove the pressure of competition from younger children, and encourage national technical priorities.

At FIG B Nick Ledwold was our only competitor, to make things harder for him his group was combined with the higher FIG A competitors also.  However he handled this added pressure well and produced some good routines.  In the voluntary’s he finished in 2nd place, however he finished in 3rd place overall as the form marks in his compulsory set routine let him down slightly.

At National C Lauren Doherty was trying out a new, harder voluntary routine.  She made a good start with her compulsory set routine, but struggled during her voluntary which left her down in 7th place over all.

At Regional D Clara Williams showed her usual good form in both her routines.  The voluntary routine didn’t quite go according to plan, but with her experience in competing she was able to cover this and finish the routine.  Finishing in 4th place she narrowly missed out on a medal.  Lee Meakin is still getting back into shape after nearly a year away from trampolining.  He started well and was in 1st place after his compulsory set routine.  However his voluntary routine wasn’t so well controlled and an error at the end left him in 10th place overall. 

At Regional E Laura Burns is showing fantastic improvement.  Both her routines are much harder than when she last competed in June.  She demonstrated good form and handled the challenge very well.  It was an incredibly close group.  Laura just missed out on a medal in 4th place, but was only 0.5 away from 1st place.  She’ll be looking at repeating today’s performance at the regional grading in a couple of weeks time.

At Regional G Tate Henocq also demonstrated great improvement.  She’s been working a lot on her form and this showed in both her routines.  Within a massive group she did incredibly well to finish in 5th place.  She will also be hoping to repeat today’s performance at the regional grading.  And finally, Joseph Pridmore was another performer who showed good improvement.  There were a couple of wobbly routines during his warm-up, but he saved the best one for when it mattered.  Leaving him in 3rd place after the compulsory set routine.  However an error during his voluntary routine left him in 7th place overall.


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