Richardís Trampoline Club had 2 representatives at the British Championships on 15 and 16 July 2006, up at the Indoor Arena in Birmingham.  This is where the best in the country compete together over the 2 days.

On the Saturday everyone competed their set and voluntary routines.  This was Elliotís first time at the British Championships, and he handled the pressure extremely well.  He performed 2 good routines, with minimal travel, using his new higher difficulty voluntary routine successfully.  He finished in 6th place, qualifying him through to the finals on Sunday.

Michael Dodson was a little shaky during his set routine, which cost him important form marks.  But he improved upon this during his voluntary routine, although he reduced the difficulty slightly due to having problems with one of his twisting double somersaults just prior to the competition.  Nonetheless, he also lay in 6th place and qualified through to the finals on Sunday.

On Sunday Elliot continued well, he repeated his new voluntary routine successfully and this enabled him to remain in 6th place.  Something for Elliot to be very proud of, considering he only started trampolining less than 3 years ago.  He flew out to Australia the following day to continue his training over there with Tony Burton.  Heíll be greatly missed by the club and his many friends on the circuit.

Unfortunately this wasnít going to be Michaelís day on Sunday.  A good performance here would certainly have put him up with the medals.  However there was too much travel during his routine, which meant he landed on the end deck, so he had to end his routine early.  This moved him down into 8th place.  But at the tender age of 14, and this being his 5th time at the British Championships his future looks very promising indeed.

Michaelís older brother, Phillip Dodson also competed, but representing Team Trampoline Promotions.  He also qualified through to the finals, but a costly mistake in the Mens left him down in 8th place.  However in his age group he performed well and finished in 3rd place.

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