Lauren Doherty proudly represented Richardís Trampoline Club at the National C, British Championships on 18 July 2009, at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham.  This is the largest event of the year that the club attends, and is a fantastic opportunity to compete with the best trampolinists in the country.

This is the first time that Lauren has qualified to compete at this level, so it was quite a daunting task as the competition is much larger than anything she has attended previously.  Added to that Lauren did not have the best preparation leading up to the competition, with some breaks in her training due to injury and various other reasons.  However, she was determined to compete and her goal was to complete all her routines.

Lauren handled the pressure extremely well, and performed 2 good routines.  She completed her hardest ever voluntary routine with a difficulty score of 7.50, so a fantastic achievement for her!  Throughout 2009 Lauren has gradually been increasing her difficulty score, so she should be very proud of herself.  She finished 52nd out of a massive group of over 80 performers, and she will definitely improve upon this next year.

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