Richard’s Trampoline Club had 3 representatives at the British Championships on
5 and 6 July 2008, up at the Indoor Arena in Birmingham.  This is where the best in the country compete together over the 2 days.

Elliot Stratton was desperately hoping for a medal today, after finishing in 6th place after his last British Championships in 2006.  However after dislocating his shoulder just weeks beforehand, he was not fully prepared for today.  He made a fantastic start though with his set routine, and was awarded with some good scores that put him in 3rd place.  Moving onto the voluntary routine, Elliot struggled to bounce in the middle of the trampoline.  He rapidly reduced the difficulty level to ensure he could finish the routine, but this left him down in 11th place over all.

It was Nick Ledwold’s first time at the British Championships, and he handled the pressure extremely well.  He performed 2 good routines, with just a small amount of travel.  There was slightly more travel in his voluntary routine, but he made it through without having to reduce his difficulty level.  He finished in 18th place.  A fantastic experience though for him at the tender age of 13, and now he knows what to expect I’m sure he’ll improve upon this next year.

Rosannamay Cannon made a good start with her set routine, showing good improvement since she last competed this routine.  She made it through her voluntary routine, using a new harder routine that she’s not used before at competition.  Her form marks were not the best that she’s capable of, and she needs to further increase her difficulty level to be a contender at this level.

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