Sunday 17 September 2006 saw an open competition in Cambridge.  This is the first time they’ve hosted a competition, so the Club was pleased to go along and offer their support.  All performers were using this competition as a warm-up to either the Regional or National gradings next month.

At Grade 4 Paige Maranian competed 2 excellent routines.  This is her first competition with the club, having joined us just a couple of months ago.  She easily won 1st place.  So a great start for her, and she’ll be hoping to qualify for Grade 3 in October.  Michael Sheff had a bit of travel around the trampoline in his set routine, but managed to maintain his form.  However his voluntary was much better and he finished in 2nd place, he’s also hoping to progress onto Grade 3. 

At Grade 2 Kasey Kilday also had an extremely good day, he kept his form throughout both routines and with reasonable height.  He’s worked hard on these routines as he’s entering his first Grade 2 National’s next month, and it paid off as he finished in 2nd place.  Nicky Ledwold produced 2 good routines, he reduced the difficulty slightly on his voluntary routine and this possibly cost him a medal finishing in 4th place.  Nicky is hoping to qualify for the Grade 2 National Championships next month.

At Grade 1 Lauren Jones struggled during her set routine, with a bit too much travel on her 4th move.  However she then competed a good voluntary routine and she’d done enough to finish in 1st place.

So a successful day for the club as everyone finished in the top 4 within their group.  Hopefully the success will continue onto next month also.   

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