After months of hard-work, Richardís Trampoline Club were awarded a grant from Sport England for a brand new Ultimate Trampoline.  To celebrate this fantastic achievement the Club held their first Club Championships utilising the new Ultimate Trampoline.  For many members, this was their first experience of a Trampoline Competition.

In the Novice 7-9-year-old group in 1st place was Callum March, 2nd place Harvie Tebbenham and 3rd place Jessica Green.  In the 10-12-year-old group in 1st place was Sofia Norek, 2nd place Marni Irons and 3rd place Molly Green.  Then in the 13 years and over group in 1st place was Chloe Connolly, 2nd place was Millie Commandeur and 3rd place was Kacy Steele.

In the NDP 1 group Miriam Jenkins finished in 1st place, Sam Krzyzanek in 2nd place and Sarah Feldman in 3rd place.  In the NDP 2 group in 1st place was Caitlyn Bridgman, 2nd place Alex Sedlack-Risk and in 3rd place was Joshua Simkins.

In the adult group Jo Wardle finished in 1st place, Helen Holford in 2nd place and Katherine Reed in 3rd place.  Finally, in our squad group in 1st place was Jacob Tuck, 2nd place was Ella Hemmings and in 3rd place was Bethany Harley.

A special medal was awarded to Sofia Norek for achieving the highest form mark overall.

A massive well done to everyone who competed, everyone worked really hard preparing their routines.  It was great to see so many fantastic performances, and many of the results were incredibly close!  Due to the popularity, the Club Championships will become an annual event.

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