On Sunday Richard’s Trampoline Club attended the Eastern regional Grading competition in Cambridge.  This was the first competition of the year, after the Christmas break.  The club had a team of 6 performers, with some trying to qualify for the semi-finals next month and one competing for the first time.

Callum Lawrence performed some excellent warm-up routines, but struggled to control his nerves which lead to a small error in his second compulsory routine.  He’d done enough though to stay in the medals, and he finished in 3rd place.

Jacob Tuck was pleased to be back competing after a break from Trampoline Competitions.  He was competing at the highest level possible and produced a great first compulsory routine.  A couple of minor errors on the second routine left him out of the medals in 5th place, but he’d easily done enough to qualify for the Semi-Finals next month.

Jo Wardle and Miriam Jenkins both did well in their groups, and also both qualified for the Semi-Finals.  Caitlyn Bridgman suffered from nerves in her second compulsory routine, but she’d already qualified for the Semi-Finals last month.  Finally, Imogen Lawley who was competing for her first time today, did 2 solid routines so a great start for her. 

Well done everyone!!

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