Sunday 14 October saw Richardís Trampoline Club at the Eastern Regional Grading competition in Easton, Norwich.  This was the last grading competition of the year and all performers were determined to do their best and get through their routines. 

At Regional G Ella Hemmings was first to represent the club.  Ella has steadily improved at every competition and today she was hoping to show her progress again.  All her warm-ups were good and sheís jumping higher now, which enables her to increase her form marks.  Unfortunately during both the set and voluntary routines she made a very uncharacteristic error during her last somersault and this left her in 16th place overall.  Without the error she would have finished in about 5th place, so a massive improvement overall in her performance.

Jacob Tuck was very keen to compete today, despite only recently joining the club, so his goal was just to complete both of his routines.  He easily completed both of his routines for Regional G, showing plenty of confidence and good form.  The standard was high in his group and he finished in 5th overall, and was only 0.7 away from qualifying for the next grade.  This is a fantastic achievement in his first trampoline competition, and Iím sure next year he will improve upon his performance today. 

Jo Wardle also competed at Regional G today, and this was her first competition in over a year since taking time off for traveling.  Jo completed a fantastic set routine, gaining the necessary marks towards qualification.  Her voluntary routine was not quite the same standard, but she still managed to finish in a well-deserved 1st place.

At Regional E Dan Willis competed for the first time at this level.  He made the transition well and showed great consistency in both routines.  The group was very close and he narrowly missed out on a medal in 4th place.

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