Sunday 10 December 2006 saw Richard’s Trampoline Club in Enfield at their annual Synchro competition.  This is where 2 people perform the same routine in time with each other, on separate trampolines.  Marks are given for form, difficulty and synchronization, making it slightly more difficult than individual competition.

In the Novice section Zoe Corner and Chelsea Woods did 2 fantastic routines, showing lots of potential for the future, and they finished in 3rd place.  Charlotte Smart and Tayla Green have improved their routines, and maintained their height well throughout to finish in a well deserved 2nd place.  Also in 2nd place within their group were Hazel Childs and Kelly Page showing great synchronization throughout their routines.

In the Intermediate section Nicola Ogden and Natalie Caughtry did very well to finish in 3rd place, we look forward to seeing them do more competitions next year.

And finally in the Advanced section Lee Meakin and Danny Fair finished in 3rd place.  Lee did very well to compete today as a couple of months ago he suffered a broken ankle, everyone was really pleased to see him back on form today.  Jo Collins also partnering Danny Fair, as a late substitute, managed really well with their routines and received some good form marks to finish in 2nd place.

Danny Fair also entered the Double Mini Trampoline competition (DMT), where he had to perform a somersault on it, then a somersault dismount.  In the Grade 2 section he did really well to finish in 2nd place, with minimal preparation for the event.

For many people today it was their first trampoline competition, everyone did extremely well and hopefully their confidence will grow from today and they’ll progress further next year.

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