Sunday 16 December 2007 saw Richardís Trampoline Club in Enfield at their annual Synchro competition.  This is where 2 people perform the same routine in time with each other, on separate trampolines.  Marks are given for form, difficulty and synchronization, making it slightly more difficult than individual competition.

In the Intermediate section Lauren Doherty and Paige Maranian completed some excellent routines, showing good form and synchronization.  This earned them some good marks and they finished in 2nd place.  Lisa Golding and Lorna Kyan also performed well to finish in 2nd place within their group too.  Sophie Perks and Levi Rimmer were competing together for the first time, their synchronization was together for the majority of the routine they just need to improve upon their form marks.  They narrowly missed out on a medal in 4th place.  Kasey Kilday an experienced trampolinist partnered Dawn Adams who was competing for the first time.  She was very nervous but successfully competed the routines and finished in 7th place.  Scott Crowhurst and Bradley Sapsford had an error in their routine where they did a different skill to each other.  This then terminates their routine so they werenít marked out of the full 10 marks; they are both capable of doing much better than they did today.

Within the advanced section Lizzie Mercer and Becky Hales did really well, both of them are showing good improvement with their form and they held the synchronization together enough to earn them 1st place.  Rasannamay Cannon and Lauren Doherty (competing for her second time today) did some really good routines.  They were in a difficult group and did very well to finish in 3rd place.  Jo Collins and Natasha Rastogi did surprisingly well here.  Natasha having only returned from Australia the previous day and still jet lagged, they hadnít practiced together till today and managed to pull it off and finish in 3rd place.

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