A team of 4 members from Richardís Trampoline Club traveled up to Birmingham for the last National Grade 1 and 2 competitions of the season.

The Grade 1 competition was on the Saturday, and Elliot Stratton had an excellent day here.  There was some doubt about him competing, as he flies out the next day to Australia for a months training out there.  So he obviously made the right decision.  He started his set routine very well, just a small amount of travel during one of the somersaults.  For the voluntary routine Elliot used his highest difficulty level so far at Nationals, and managed it well.  This gave him the total score required to qualify for mens, which is what Elliotís aiming for next year.  He managed to repeat the same routine for the finals and finished in 2nd place.  So Elliot will be hoping for a medal at the British Championships in July.

Nick Ledwold amazed everyone by competing today, having recently broken his collarbone whilst on holiday.  Since then heís also suffered some injuries to his ankles.  However Nick was determined to compete and he successfully completed both his routines, without having to drop his difficulty level.  Lacking in practice though and strength this reflected in his marks and left him down in 11th place. 

Charlie Mussino suffered due to an error in his set routine, which severely damaged his marks.  However he went on to do an excellent voluntary routine, with a high difficulty level for him.  Heíll be looking to improve upon his form scores now ready for next year.

At Grade 2 Lauren Doherty didnít do her best set routine.  However she improved during her voluntary routine, using her higher difficulty level.  She has among the highest difficulty level within her age group, and sheíll be looking to improve her form marks next.

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