A team of 4 performers from Richard’s Trampoline Club traveled to Hull for the National Grade 1 and 2 competitions, along with their coaches.  Everyone had specific goals in mind, and after the long journey they were determined to do well.

At Grade 1 Elliot Stratton was hoping to qualify for the British Championships in the summer.  He started well with an excellent set routine, just some slight travel in 2 of his somersaults, but lying in 1st place after the set routines.  He reduced the difficulty in his voluntary routine, as he wanted to ‘play it safe’ and ensure he got the required marks.  This gambled paid off and he easily qualified for the British Championships, but the drop in difficulty moved him down into 4th place overall, missing out on a medal by just 0.4!

Charlie Mussino was trying to achieve the required marks to qualify him for Grade 1.  He produced 2 excellent routines and easily gained the required marks.  He also finished in 1st place within his group by quite a large margin.

At Grade 2 Rosannamay Cannon was trying to gain the required score to enable her to stay at this level for next year, and also qualify for the Grade 2 National Championships in July.  She had a fantastic day and found some extra height for both her routines, this gave her the time to hold the all-important line outs.  She also was using a new, harder routine for her voluntary, which she handled well without her form marks being affected.  She finished in 12th place and easily gained the required score to remain at this level next year, and also qualified for the Grade 2 National Championships.

Also at Grade 2 Lauren Doherty, who has already gained the required score to remain at this level for next year, just needs to qualify for the Grade 2 National Championships now.  She successfully completed both her routines.  But due to some disruption to her training prior to today, she lacked her usual form and tightness.  This reflected in her marks and left her down in 18th place.  She’s usually a very consistent performer, so no doubt she will be back on form for the next Grade 2 in Cardiff.


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