A team of 3 members from Richardís Trampoline Club travelled over to Birmingham for the second Grade 1 competition of the season.  With different goals in mind, hoping to achieve the required score to stay at Grade 1 next year or trying out new, harder routines.  Everyone was determined to do well. 

Michael Dodson was in a great position today, having already qualified to stay at Grade 1 next year and for the British Championships in the summer.  After a shaky start leaving him down in 13th place, he successfully completed 2 excellent routines, using his highest difficulty value yet at this level.  This moved him up to 4th place, narrowly missing out on a medal.

Charlie Mussino was hoping to gain the required marks to remain at Grade 1 next year.  After some difficulties in training with his routines, it was a different story today.  He was happy with the routines he completed, but missed the retaining score by just 0.1.  However each time heís competed at Grade 1 heís improved on his marks so hopefully heíll reach the all important score next month.

Lisa Withey did a really good set routine, but unfortunately managed to fall over at the end, which reflected in her marks.  Annoyed with herself for this error, she didnít put all of her efforts into her voluntary routine.  So sheíll be hoping to improve upon today at Cardiff next month. 


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