A team of 3 members from Richardís Trampoline Club travelled down to Chaseside, Bournemouth for the second Grade 1 of the season.  The Grade 1 elite circuit draws the best gymnasts from all over Britain. 

Nick Ledwold didnít have the best start with his set routine, he lacked the required form needed at this level, which he knows he is capable of.  His voluntary routine was much better; he had the second highest difficulty level within his group.  This brought him up to 10th place, but just outside the finals.  However this was still an improvement on his score from his last competition so a good result for him.

Elliot Stratton had a disastrous set routine and was unable to complete all of his 10 skills.  However determined to carry on he completed an excellent voluntary routine, using the highest difficulty level within his group.  He finished in 2nd place for the voluntary routine.  But when the scores were combined, due to the penalties he suffered after his set routine, this left him outside of the top 10.  Elliot will be determined to improve upon this at his next competition in a few weeks time.

Michael Dodson had the best day here.  He successfully completed both routines, and qualified through to the finals.  He narrowly missed out on a medal in 4th place.  Michael has suffered some disruption to his training recently, and has now decided to follow his brother and to join Levitation Trampoline Club, based in Brentwood, Essex.  Everyone at Richardís Trampoline Club wishes him the best of luck in his new club.

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