Sunday 3 June was the last National Grade 1 Trampoline competition of the season, held down in Bournemouth.  A slightly depleted team from Richard’s Trampoline Club attended, a couple of performers dropped out due to pressure from exams and injury.

Charlie Mussino was first up, his hopes were running high as he was looking very good during the warm ups.  He started with an excellent set routine, showing great height and excellent form.  This rewarded him with the required score for the British Championships next month.  Unfortunately though it wasn’t going to be, an error at the start of his voluntary routine meant he wasn’t able to get the rest of the scores required for the British Championships.

Lauren Jones was next up, she’s had very limited training prior to today, and has only attended one other Grade 1 competition this season due to other commitments.  However you wouldn’t have thought this from watching her today!  Lauren has so much talent she completed both her routines effortlessly and achieved the required score to stay at Grade 1 next year.  If she’s able to fit in anymore training then she’ll be looking at competing in the British Championships next year.

Last to go was Nick Ledwold, this is only his second competition at this level.  An injured toe just a few days beforehand was a possible cause for concern, however Nick was determined to not let it affect his performance today.  His warm ups went well and he started well with a good set routine, showing excellent form and just a small bit of travel on one somersault.  He kept it together and successfully got through is voluntary routine also, again with a slight bit of travel on one somersault.  This gave him the required score to remain at Grade 1 next year, and got him through to the final.  He repeated his voluntary routine, with slightly improved form marks to finish in 6th place.

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