Lisa Withey, Charlie Mussino and Michael Dodson traveled over to Cardiff for the weekend, for the Grade 1 competition.

Lisa Withey was first up and she was looking very good in the warm ups.  She completed a sound set routine, and achieved the required score for the British Championships.  However it all went pear-shaped during her voluntary routine.  Despite everything looking good in her warm ups she traveled the second move and wasnít able to recover from it, so she was unable to get the rest of the scores required for the British Championships.

Charlie Mussino had limited training prior to today, but started well with a good set routine.  He made an excellent start to his voluntary routine till his 7th somersault, where he leant back during the take off causing it to travel.  He then performed an easier move instead of what was planned, ensuring he finished his routine successfully.  However by lowering his difficulty it affected his score, finishing just outside the top 10 in 12th place, and missing the required mark to remain at Grade 1 next year by just 0.3!

Michael Dodson had the best day by far.  He made an excellent start with a good set routine, and then managed to continue to produce an equally good voluntary routine.  This easily qualified him for the Mens event.  This is the group where the top people at Grade 1 compete together.  To qualify for this is an amazing achievement, considering heís still only 15 years old!  Unfortunately though going through to the final Michael was still on a high, and his routine suffered as a result.  This didnít affect his qualification, but left him down in 8th place. 

The following day was the National Double Mini Trampoline (DMT) Competition. Michael had an excellent day here also, competing under Hitchin Salto DMT Club.  He completed all his passes, won his group and qualified to be considered for the Worlds in Canada.  So an excellent weekend for Michael, and a very big well done to him!

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