Saturday 19 May 2007 saw a team of 3 members from Richardís Trampoline Club travel up to Macclesfield for the penultimate National Grade 1 of the season.

Charlie Mussino was first up; heís been looking good overall in training.  He successfully got through his first 2 routines, but they were not his best.  Lacking slightly in height and form, however he still made it through to the finals in 7th place.  After the finals he dropped down into 8th place overall.

Next up was Nick Ledwold; he qualified for today less than a week ago.  So heís had minimal preparation, but he was very keen to experience his first Grade 1 competition.  He warmed up well but was just slightly underpowered during his set routine, leaving a lot required of him in his voluntary routine.  It wasnít to be unfortunately as he was again slightly underpowered in his double somersault start of his voluntary, so not his best routine.  But a good start made at this level, finishing in 8th place overall.  Nick is the youngest performer the clubís ever had at this level, having turned 12 just a few days ago.  

Michael Dodson wasnít performing at his best either today.  He anticipated a somersault a bit too early during his set routine, causing a large amount of travel.  His voluntary was much better however.  He used a lower level of difficulty than usual but he gained some good form marks, which is what he was hoping to achieve today.  

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