Sunday 1 June saw Nick Ledwold from Richardís Trampoline Club, travel all the way up to Perth in Scotland, for the very last National Grade 1 competition of the season.  Joined by his coach Pat Dodson, who heads the Elite section of the club. 

This was Nickís last chance to gain the required score that would allow him to compete at the same level next year.  Heís suffered recently with injury, which affected is performance at the last competition and saw him having to withdraw from the competition prior to that.

However Nick was determined to do well today, and this showed in his routines.  He started well with a fantastic set routine, showing much improved form.  This left him in 3rd place after the first round, and well on his way to achieving the score he required today.  He went on to successfully complete his voluntary routine, but not with such good form as his set routine.  However with 4 double somersaults in his routine, he had one of the hardest routines within his age group.  This easily gave him enough marks to enable him to stay at this level next year, and also qualified him for the British Championships at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham next month.

Nick made it through to the finals and he successfully repeated his voluntary routine.  Overall he dropped down into 5th place, due to his lower form scores for his voluntary routine.  But an excellent performance overall, and he should be exceptionally pleased with himself for qualifying for his first British Championships at the tender age of 13.  The youngest member within the club to qualify so far!

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