It was a busy weekend for Richard’s Trampoline Club, traveling over to Northern Ireland on Saturday then up to Birmingham on Sunday.  It’s very unusual to have 2 National Grade 2 competitions over the same weekend, but that wasn’t going to stop us attending both!

Kasey Kilday competing up in Birmingham did some good warm up routines.  However the competition was halted for half an hour when someone fell off the trampoline and hurt herself.  When he finally competed his set routine he found himself very close to the end deck on his second somersault.  But with some quick thinking he soon found his way back to the middle of the trampoline, so his marks weren’t too badly affected.  He made sure there was no travel in his second routine, but it did lack some height and therefore the all-important lineouts.  He narrowly missed out on the finals by just 0.3!

Rosannamay Cannon struggled with her routines prior to today.  She suffered a back injury that affected her training, so she’d only completed 1 set routine since her last competition and she reduced her difficulty level in her voluntary routine.  However she was determined to not let that affect her routines today, and she looked like a different trampolinist today!  She successfully completed both of her routines, and she’ll be looking at improving her height and neatness for her next competition.

Lauren Doherty was last to compete in Birmingham.  Her warm ups were looking good for her set routine, but she was struggling to complete her voluntary warm ups.  However when it mattered she completed 2 good routines, showing great improvement since her last competition at Grade 2.   She’s looking a lot more confident with her routines now, and it’s starting to show in her marks.

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