Saturday 28 October 2006 saw the National Grade 2 competition in Birmingham.  This being the last Grade 2 event of the season, before the Grade 2 National finals next month.

Lisa Withey had a massive 45 entrants in her group, so she knew getting through to the finals would be a tough challenge.  She started off with a good set routine, and was in 26th place before the voluntary routines.  However she quickly improved upon this, and was surprised to find herself in the finals.  She reduced the difficulty level slightly, but maintained excellent form and finished in 7th place.  Lisa is showing her readiness to progress on to Grade 1 next year.

Nicky Ledwold was hoping to qualify for the Grade 2 National Finals, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be.  He completed some good routines, with only a small wobble at the end of his set routine.  The standard was extremely high in his group and he finished just outside the top 10 in 11th place, missing qualification by just 0.1!

Charlie Mussino was hoping to qualify up to Grade 1 today.  He struggled during the warm ups, but when it mattered he performed an excellent set routine.  However it received some mixed marks from the judges.  He successfully completed his voluntary routine, but he missed the required score by just half a mark.

Kasey Kilday did well at his second Grade 2 competition.  Showing greater confidence in his routines than before, and this showed in his marks.  He’ll be looking to improve yet further on this performance next year, and to increase his experience competing at National level.

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