Sunday 12 February saw Richardís Trampoline Club at the first Grade 2 of the season, in Bournemouth.  With a team of 6 performers, 4 of which have recently joined the club from Potton Saints, there was a strong team atmosphere throughout the day.   

Jenny Moore and Lauren Jones were first to compete.  Jenny started with a very good compulsory set routine, showing her usual good form.  She wasnít using her maximum difficulty in the voluntary routine, due to having very limited training prior to the competition, but she made it through to the finals and finished in 7th place.  Lauren started well with some good marks for her compulsory set routine.  There was a small amount of travel in the voluntary routine, but she competed one of the hardest routines in her age group.  She easily qualified for the finals, and narrowly missed out on a medal finishing in 4th place.  An excellent achievement for Lauren as last year she was competing at Grade 4.

Lisa Withey was competing in an extremely tough group of nearly 40 performers.  She began well with good marks for her compulsory set routine.  The first move of her voluntary routine came in short but she recovered well, and finishing in 12th place is something to be proud of within such a difficult group.

Natasha Rastogi has been plagued with injury recently, but this didnít deter her today.  She performed some excellent routines during the warm ups, and again for her compulsory set routine.  There was a slight loss of form during the voluntary, but she should be pleased with her 11th place.

Charlie Mussino and Lee Meakin were in the last group of the day; it was a long weekend for them as yesterday they both had their senior coaching course exam in Birkenhead.  Charlie started extremely well with excellent marks for his compulsory set routine, he struggled slightly at the start of his voluntary routine but finished it well.  He breezed through to the final in 1st place only to increase his lead yet further.  Lee Meakin suffered with nerves slightly, being his first time at Grade 2.  He traveled during both routines and this reflected in his marks, finishing in 4th place at his first Nationals is something to be extremely proud of though.


Elliot kindly came along to support his team mates

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