Saturday 1 March 2008 saw a team from Richardís Trampoline Club attending the Grade 2 Nationals, down in Bournemouth.  With 3 of them trying to achieve the retaining score for next year and to qualify for the National finals, and one trying to achieve the required marks to qualify for Grade 1.

Kasey Kilday made a fantastic start with a good set routine, with some good form marks that left him in 5th place.  He did well in the voluntary routine also and easily gained enough marks to enable him to stay at this level next year.  He also qualified for the final, and successfully repeated his voluntary routine.  He dropped down to 8th overall; heíll be looking at improving his difficulty score for the next competition.  An improvement on his score since the last competition so an excellent day for Kasey!

Lauren Doherty showed great improvement in her set routine, since her last competition.  Sheís upped her difficulty level in her voluntary routine, which she handled very well as it didnít affected her form marks.  She also gained the required score to enable her to stay at this level next year, and improved greatly on her score since the last competition.  Lauren finished in 14th place within a very large group.

Roseannamay Cannon also showed good improvement since her last competition.  She completed a confident set routine.  Then when it came to the voluntary routine she improved upon her scores yet further, leaving her in 22nd place.  She will be working on improving her difficulty score next.

Charlie Mussino was trying to qualify for Grade 1 today, but a mistake during his set routine meant it wasnít going to happen.  He repeated his set routine during the voluntary round and scored the required marks that he needed in the first round.  So at least he knew he could do it, just not when it mattered though, and this gave him enough marks to finish 7th place within his group.

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