On Saturday 25 June Elliot Stratton and Charlie Mussino represented Richard’s Trampoline Club at the Grade 2 Nationals in Cardiff.  This is Elliot’s second experience at Nationals, and his aim is to retain his Grade 2 status and to qualify for National Championships later in the year.  Charlie has already achieved this so his aim is to qualify for Grade 1 for next year.

Elliot’s group was on first, he worked hard to control his nerves and he began with a sound compulsory set routine.  Knowing how vital it was to control his voluntary routine he reduced his height and it paid off, scoring a massive 53.3 after the first 2 rounds he’d done enough to achieve his aims and was lying in 4th place going into the final.  His last routine was not his best, the rudi came in short so there was travel on the following somersault, and then again on the back somersault later on.  He moved down into 5th place, but was more than happy with his scores.

Charlie’s group followed straight after.  He’s worked hard in the last few weeks as the time out he’s had due to injuries has started to take its toll.  His determination paid off as he performed one of his best compulsory set routines. There was a slight loss of height during the full, but he recovered this on the Barani that followed.  He reduced the difficulty slightly on his voluntary routine to improve his form marks, and with a total of 53.9 going into the finals he missed qualification for Grade 1 by just 0.1!  During his final routine there was a bit of travel during the first 4 somersaults, but he recovered it well to finish in 5th place.  For the 3rd time running at Nationals Charlie has improved upon his personal best, which is an excellent achievement.

Unfortunately just 2 days later Charlie suffered a badly broken leg during training.  However Charlie is determined to get back to trampolining as soon as possible, and has already amazed doctors by his recovery so far. 

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