Saturday 27 October 2007 saw the National Grade 2 competition at the Welsh Institute of Sport in Cardiff.  This being the last Grade 2 event of the season, before the Grade 2 National finals next month.  For some performers this was their last opportunity to move up to Grade 1, and others it was their last chance to try and remain at Grade 2 for next year.   It was also the largest Grade 2 competition to date with nearly 450 entries! 

For Elliot Stratton it was his first National competition for 18 months since being back in England, since spending a year over in Australia and recovering from injury.  He was desperate to get back to Grade 1 where he last competed at the British Championships and finished in 7th place.  He completed his routines safely using a lower difficulty than normal.  His routines weren’t his best but he did enough to easily qualify for Grade 1 next year, and finish 1st within his group by a very large margin.

Lauren Doherty has been trying all year to retain her grade 2 qualification, showing good progress at each competition.  She upped her difficulty level today adding in a double somersault with a half twist.  She completed some excellent routines, and scored enough marks to remain at Grade 2 next year, qualified for the Grade 2 National Finals and finished in 12th place out of a massive 79 entries!

Rosannamay Cannon was hoping to retain her Grade 2 status today.  She’s worked hard on improving her routines, and this was noticed in her marks.  However it was not quite enough and she missed the required score by just 0.4!

For Julie Gooderick it was her first competition with the club since joining recently from another club.  She was very nervous and was not demonstrating her usual good form, she repeated a move during her voluntary routine so she missed out on some of the difficulty score that she was expecting.  She finished in 6th place.

Clara Williams has also joined us recently from another club, and was competing with us for the first time today.  She wasn’t settled on the trampoline and this showed in her routines, hopefully she’ll do better next time.

Charlie Mussino was hoping to qualify back up to Grade 1 today.  However he returned home from his holiday the evening before, and the lack of practise showed in his routines

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