Sunday 9 February 2008 saw a team of 4 members from Richard’s Trampoline Club, travel down to Eastleigh for the first Grade 2 Nationals of the year.  It was a massive competition with over 400 entries, so it was a long day but team spirit remained high throughout.

Kasey Kilday has had good preparation leading up to today, and this showed in his routines.  He produced 2 good routines exactly when it mattered, with just a slight drop in his difficulty score during his voluntary routine.  This year he’s moved up an age group, so is one of the youngest in his group.  He finished in 9th place, only just missing out on the finals, so a great start to the season for him.

Lauren Doherty also did very well today.  She’s also moved up an age group this year, so has a new set routine which she handled well.  She will be looking to improve her difficulty level yet further, to help her gain the required marks for the National finals.

Rosannamay Cannon started her routines well, showing good form.  But somehow managed to lose her form towards the end of both routines, which showed in her marks.  She’ll be looking to improve upon today’s performance and also increasing her difficulty level.

Charlie Mussino was here today trying to qualify for Grade 1.  He didn’t have a very good set routine which set him back with the required marks.  He improved upon this in his voluntary routine, but the damage was already done so missed out on the validation score, but did enough to finish in 2nd place within his group.

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