Sunday 13 May 2007 saw a team from Richardís Trampoline Club attending the Grade 2 Nationals, up in Gateshead.  After the long journey there, everyone was determined to do their best.

Nick Ledwold had the best day by far.  Heís been trying this year to achieve the required marks to enable him to compete at Grade 1.  There was nothing stopping him today, and he completed some excellent routines.  Nick easily gained the required marks, and was nearly 2 whole marks over what he needed!  So heíll be looking forward to his first Grade 1 competition next weekend.

Lauren Doherty produced some good routines when it mattered, especially her set routine.  She has managed to improve upon her score each time sheís competed at Nationals, which is a really good achievement.  Sheíll be looking at improving further still though to gain the required marks to remain at Grade 2 next year.

Rosannamay Cannon didnít start well in her set routine.  She lost height in her second somersault, resulting in the rest of the routine being quite low.  So she didnít have the time for the all-important lineouts.  Her voluntary routine was much better, but unfortunately the damage to her score had already been done.

Kasey Kilday made a good start with his set routine, showing improved confidence and good form.  An error in his voluntary routine cost him dearly though, and he was unable to complete his routine.

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