Sunday 6 February saw Charlie Mussino at his first Nationals of the season at Harrow, Middlesex.  His aim of the day was to retain his Grade 2 status and to qualify for the National Championships at the end of the year.  This was something that seemed to be eluding Charlie last year, taking him till the last competition of the season to gain his qualification.

However it looks like 2005 could be Charlie’s year!  He completed a sound set routine, his 3rd move lacked a lot of height, but he immediately recovered this in the following somersault.  Scoring 23.9 and lying in 2nd place going into the voluntary round, Charlie knew he was doing well but couldn’t afford a single mistake.  The warm-up for his voluntary was not looking good, but when it was time to compete it was a different story.  Charlie put in an excellent routine, using the maximum difficulty for his first time ever at this level.  With a total of 53.8 he achieved both of his aims, and for the second time running has beaten his personal best at Nationals.  Charlie also moved into 1st place.

Knowing all this Charlie now had to prepare himself for the finals.  The all important qualification score had already been achieved; so keeping his 1st place was all he had left to do.  With only a few tenths separating the top 3, Charlie needed to find another good routine with maximum difficulty.  Yet again he performed an excellent routine and increased his lead to remain in 1st place.

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