Saturday 6 May saw 6 members of Richardís Trampoline Club travel up to Macclesfield for the Grade 2 Nationals.  With various goals in mind, some were trying to qualify for the Grade 2 National Championships in November and others trying to qualify for Grade 1.

Lee Meakin was on first, but his studies have severely limited his training and unfortunately this showed.  He started the compulsory set routine well but landed with his legs too high on the crash dive so his last move landed on his knees, so he was only marked out of 9 moves.  He made it through his voluntary routine, but the damage to his score had already been done.

Natasha Rastogi suffered some travel during her compulsory set routine, which reflected in her marks.  But she did better in her voluntary, using the maximum difficulty level allowed and the only person in her group doing so. 

Nicky Ledwold qualified for this event just 2 weeks ago, so with little preparation he did extremely well.  He easily got through all his routines, a little soft kneed on some moves and untidy arms occasionally.  It was good enough though for 3rd place which is a fantastic achievement for his first time at Nationals, and he shows a promising future in the sport.

Lisa Withey had an excellent day, producing some stunning routines.  She maintained her height, showed good form and kept all her moves in the middle throughout.  However a slip at the end of her compulsory set routine cost her 1st place, although this didnít really matter as she still got the all important qualification score for the National Championships later in the year.

Charlie Mussino was trying to qualify for Grade 1.  An amazing achievement in itself, being that less than a year ago Charlie suffered a badly broken leg so not quite back to full power yet.  He got the required mark for the compulsory set routine, but missed out overall by just 0.3!

Lauren Jones was also trying to qualify for Grade 1.  Being a little nervous she bounced a little lower than usual so as to reduce the risks, but that also reduced the time for shaping and kick outs.  However she is so naturally talented that she still easily achieved the validation score, and now joins the countryís elite at Grade 1.  Having only begun trampolining less than 12 months ago, thatís an achievement to be extremely proud of.

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