Sunday 19 November was the Grade 2 National Championships in Hull, bringing together the best trampolinists in the country at this level.  Richard’s Trampoline Club had 3 representatives, all hoping to do their very best.


First up was Lisa Withey, she’s been showing on top form in all her recent competitions, and today was no different.  She produced an excellent set routine to place her in 4th place going through to the voluntaries.  Using the maximum difficulty level allowed at this level, she easily moved up to 3rd place.  In the final, after another superb routine she maintained her 3rd place.  A fantastic achievement, in a very difficult group, hopefully this will give Lisa the confidence to progress onto Grade 1 next year.


Next up was Charlie Mussino, and he kept the momentum going with 2 really good routines.  However his form was not quite as sharp as it needs to be, and he finished in 9th place, just outside of the finals.  However to finish in the top 10 is still a great achievement at this level.


And finally was Rosie Cannon, she’s only recently joined the club and is still settling in to her new surroundings.  She didn’t start well with her compulsory set routine; there was a fair amount of travel around the trampoline and a loss of height.  However she greatly improved upon this with her voluntary routine, but the damage was already done and she finished down in 34th place.  She’ll be looking at improving upon this performance for next year.

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