On Saturday 26 November, Charlie Mussino and Elliot Stratton represented Richardís Trampoline Club at the Grade 2 National Championships in Hull.  Members of Potton Saints Trampoline Club, and their coach Pat Dodson accompanied them.

Itís been a difficult year for Charlie; he qualified for this event back in January with ease.  But has been plagued with injury since, starting in February he suffered from ligament damage due to a car crash.  Then in June he badly broke his leg during training.  Only just back to full training, Charlie had to reduce the difficulty level of his routines.  He started very well in his compulsory set routine, with his usual good form but lacking some of the height he used to have.  During the voluntary routine there was some travel during the full, which further affected his height on the subsequent somersaults.  But he qualified through to the finals in 9th place.  After the finals he moved down into 10th place overall, which was due to his routine lacking in difficulty.  A fantastic come back for Charlie, and we look forward to seeing him back at full strength next year.

Elliot began this year at Grade 3; he qualified for this event in June, and since then has qualified for Grade 1.  Heís progressed rapidly throughout the year.  Being his first National Championships, he seemed to suffer a bit with his nerves.  During his compulsory set routine his second somersault came in short, causing problems with the subsequent somersaults.  He regained control by the end of the routine, but the damage had been done and it showed in his marks.  The voluntary routine was much better, he twisted early on the full and rudi but controlled it well.  He qualified easily for the finals in 5th place.  During the finals Elliot improved again on his routine, with just the rudi giving the judges cause for concern.  Finishing in 4th place overall, an amazing achievement for Elliot after his first season at Nationals.

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