It was a busy weekend for Richardís Trampoline Club, traveling over to Northern Ireland on Saturday then up to Birmingham on Sunday.  Itís very unusual to have 2 National Grade 2 competitions over the same weekend, but that wasnít going to stop us attending both!

Nicky Ledwold competing over in Northern Ireland was hoping to gain enough marks to qualify him up to Grade 1.  He made a very good start in his set routine, and got the required score there.  His warm ups were looking good for the voluntary routine, but when it mattered a mistake on his first move (a double somersault), affected the rest of the routine.  Meaning he wasnít able to achieve the overall required score, missing it by just 0.1!  But it did show that heís more than capable of achieving it, and hopefully heíll succeed at his next attempt in May.  Nicky also managed to finish 1st within his group by quite a comfortable margin.

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