Saturday 30 September 2006 saw the National Grade 2 competition in Reading.  A team of 5 from Richardís Trampoline Club attended, with the aim of either qualifying for Grade 1 or for the Grade 2 National Championships in November.

Kasey Kilday started the day off with a very nervous performance.  Itís his first experience at National level and this showed in his routines.  He didnít use his maximum height so couldnít achieve the required line-outs.  Nevertheless he got through both routines, and hopes to improve upon this for the next Grade 2 this month.

Nicky Ledwold was hoping to qualify for the National Championships, but a small error at the end of his set routine meant it wasnít to be.  He went on to do an excellent voluntary routine, with good line-outs finishing just outside the top ten in 11th place.

Lee Meakin had very little preparation for today, but managed to get through all his routines successfully.  There were a few bent knees and a small amount of travel around the trampoline, but he maintained his height well.  He got through to the finals and finished in a respectable 8th place. 

Charlie Mussino was hoping to qualify for Grade 1, but some travel on his 3rd somersault left him struggling to control his full twisting, straight back somersault and he touched the side pad.  However he went onto produce an excellent voluntary routine, with marks going up to 7.8ís and he finished 2nd within his group.

Lisa Withey was also hoping to qualify for Grade 1.  She performed 2 excellent routines and easily got the required marks.  She finished 3rd within her group and had the highest form marks overall.  Everyone within the club looks forward to seeing her compete at Grade 1 next year.

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