Sunday 11 February 2007 saw a team of 5 members from Richard’s Trampoline Club, travel down to Surrey for the first Grade 2 Nationals of the year.  It was a massive competition with over 400 entries, so it was a long day but team spirit remained high throughout.

Lauren Doherty and Danny Fair were both competing today for the first time at Grade 2.  Lauren successfully made it through her compulsory set routine; this is a new routine for her, which she’s found difficult in training.  However she handled it well and she’ll be looking to improve on this further still.  Her voluntary routine was much better, and this showed in her marks.  Having started trampolining less than a year ago, she should be very proud of how well she did today.  Danny Fair has worked hard to gain the moves he needs for this level of competition, only really getting his routine together a couple of weeks prior to today.  However he successfully got through both routines, although lacking in the good form that he’s more than capable of.  Over all though a great start at Grade 2 for them both, the jump from Regional to National level is quite a large one.

Next up Rosannamay Cannon had a superb day.  Having moved up an age group this year meant her difficulty level had to increase.  She’s really struggled during training in the last couple of weeks, with her routines.  However today was a different story.  Starting with her compulsory set routine, she found some extra height, which gave her more time for lineouts.  Continuing on with her voluntary routine doing just as well, she only missed retaining her Grade 2 qualification by 0.3!

Kasey Kilday has worked very hard leading up to today.  He successfully got through both routines, he found some extra height but a couple of wobbles lead to some unwanted travel in a couple of the somersaults.  Just needing to improve his lineouts further, he’s shown great improvement since his since competing at Grade 2 last year.

Charlie Mussino was here today trying to qualify for Grade 1.  Being the last to compete in the day, he’d had plenty of time to think about what he needed to do.  He completed some fantastic routines, he’s worked hard on his form and it really showed.  Maintaining his form during both routines he easily achieved the required scores, and now he joins the country’s elite at Grade 1. 

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