On Sunday 23 October Elliot Stratton represented Richardís Trampoline Club at the Grade 2 Nationals in South Shields.  Elliot traveled over with the team from Potton Saints Trampoline Club, and was kindly supported by their coach.  With the competition being on the anniversary of Richard Fairweather passing away, it was a difficult day for the club to compete.

Putting this aside, Elliot concentrated on achieving his aim and maintained great focus throughout the competition.  Elliotís aim was to qualify for the Grade 1 Nationals, to do this he needed to attain set marks for both his compulsory set routine and his voluntary routine using a Grade 1 routine.  Being his first attempt at qualifying, and he only took up the sport 2 years ago this month, Elliot wasnít too optimistic!

However during the warm ups Elliot performed some excellent routines, so his hopes were running high.  During his compulsory set routine there was some travel around the trampoline, but he maintained his form.  Scoring 23.7 he had just enough to pass the first round and moved onto the voluntaries.  Here he put in an excellent routine, finding superb height on his rudi, which he usually struggles with during training.  Scoring a total of 54.9 he easily passed the validation panel, and successfully qualified for Grade 1.

Elliot is the first person at Richardís Trampoline Club to qualify at this level, so a great achievement for him and an exciting time for the club.

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