Sunday 25 April 2004 was another extremely successful day for Richardís Trampoline Club at the Grundy Open competition in Cheshunt.  This competition ranged from beginners in their very first competition, to National Grade 1 standard.

Our beginners did us proud, and got the day off to a flying start.  Katie Hogg, Charlotte Smart, Claire Rowley, Dominic Mussino, Graham Ryan and Allison Mussino all came 1st within their groups.  Millie Brodie, Emily-rose Mussino, Luke Brazier and Lynda Brazier came 2nd and Sarah Ogden and Philip Clarke came 3rd.  Our beginners also achieved four team 1st and a team 2nd.

The success continued with our Grade 6 performers.  Adam Stratton came 1st.  Sean Groves, Natalie Branston and Kelly Page came 2nd within their groups and Nicky Ledwold and Michael Lambert came 3rd.  Overall they also achieved three team 1st and two team 2nd.

It was Elliot Strattonís first competition at Grade 5, and he did very well to finish in 1st place.  Chris Lattimer came a close 2nd.  Danny Fair moved up 2 groups to Grade 4, and despite a recent injury, came 1st.  Kyrstin Fairweather came 2nd.

Our Grade 2 trio finished the day off well for the club.  Karen Bettany came 1st, Charlie Mussino came 2nd and Greg Royle came 3rd.  For Karen and Charlie this competition was just a warm-up for them, as they will be competing at Grade 2 Nationals in Grantham, Lincs next weekend.  The club wishes them the very best of luck, and watch out for their results!

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