On Sunday 11 June 2006, 5 members of Richard’s Trampoline Club entered the regional grading competition in Harlow.  Here performers need to gain enough marks to enable them to qualify for the next grade.

Lauren Doherty had a fantastic day here; she started well with the set routine showing much progress in recent months.  She reduced the difficulty level slightly in her voluntary routine, but more than made up for it in form marks.  She won her group by 4 clear marks, and easily qualified for Grade 3.

Tom Stead did some mixed warm ups, but when it mattered he produced a good neat set routine.  Things were looking good in his voluntary routine, until the last somersault, where he added in an extra twist.  This meant it was a repeated move so a crucial 0.5 was taken off his difficulty score, and he then missed out on qualification by just 0.5.  But a good final routine secured him 2nd place overall.

Michael Sheff was desperately hoping to qualify today.  He was looking good in warm up, but during his set routine a lose in tension on his second move made him struggle then over-powering the piked barani meant he had to terminate his routine early.  He easily got through is voluntary routine but the damage had already been done with his marks, nonetheless he still managed to pick up 3rd place.

Jack Bastin was competing for the first time with the club; he started well with his set routine but missed a move during his voluntary routine.  This meant he was marked out of 9 instead of 10, so finished in 7th place.  Faye Harper made some costly errors in her set routine, usually the more reliant routine for her.  However she’d been struggling in training with her voluntary routine, which she performed well today, so something to be proud of and she finished in 8th place.

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